Hospital /Operating Room/Laboratory Modular Medical Fresh Air Handling Unit

US $300-40,000/ Piece

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Warranty : 12 months warranty

1.Eurostars air handling unit and air handler features 

1) Industrial cooling and heating terminal AHU, modular sections for your application, precise temp and RH% control. 

2) Good components rigid AHU, double skin, penta post, cold bridge free, double sealing strip, low leakage, heavy duty bearing, high efficient fan, many type coil coating available, filter type you need, all configuration AHU discharge and intake. 

3) Pharmaceutical 4Q AHU, heat recovery, temperature and RH% controlled, high static fan, PLC controller for BMS or local control starter. We supply over 60 pharmaceutical factories in domestic and oversea market. 

4) Full stainless steel AHU, for hygienical food and hospital, SS Casing, SS Coil, SS Fan; SS for everything in AHU. 

5) Valuable AHU you look for. Good cooling and Heating,Low speed fan, lesser kW motor, longer life bearings, External drive fan, built-in Stainless steel drain pan. See the good price AHU in our factory. 

2.Eurostars Air handler,air handling unit, ahu applicationEurostars air handlers widely used in stadium, exhibition centers, airport, large station, as well as in all kinds of factories, such as car, electronics, textile, medicine, tobacco, alternator, and precise instrument.